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The aim of is to promote the cause of Wales and Scotland becoming independent countries.

We will do this a number of ways… firstly we will debunk anti-Wales and anti-Scotland stories in the main stream media, we will promote independence events in both countries, we will attend and report on these events, we will do political polling to gauge opinion on important questions regarding to both Scotland and Wales, we will bring new indy voices to the fore and much more.

In order to do this we need donations, here’s what we need the donations for:

Newspaper Subscriptions – In order to debunk anti-Wales and anti-Scotland stories in the MSM we need to see them , many MSM outlets these days hide behind paywalls. If we can’t see them then we can’t debunk them.

Site Costs – It costs money to both register and host the site but more importantly there are a lot of costs involved in bringing new features to the site.

Independence Events – We plan to attend, broadcast and report on (and perhaps even speak at) as many independence events in both Scotland and Wales as we can. Obviously this is going to incur costs such as travel and accommodation.

Political Polling – We aim to commission polling in both Scotland and Wales at least once a year and this costs on average about £3,000 a time.

New Voices – We want to encourage new voices in the independence movement and to do so we will regularly feature articles from guest writers, these will need to be paid for their time.

Site Advertising – We want to reach further on Twitter & Facebook to spread the word of independence.

Other Advertising – We will use funds to pay for media and billboard advertising to call out unionist lies.

This is just a summary of what we need your donations for, I’m sure other things will crop us as time goes on.

So if you you believe in Independence for Wales and Scotland please make a donation. However small or large it is, it will help us further the cause greatly.

Even if you can’t afford to donate you can still help by sharing this page on Social Media.

Thank you!!