The Scottish government Minister in charge of Brexit, Mike Russell, will this afternoon address the Scottish Parliament to announce the introduction of the Continuity Bill. The Bill will lay out Scotland’s plans to keep current EU law in place after the UK leaves the European Union and give Ministers the powers to amend these law’s as required.

Due to the ongoing disagreement between the UK and Scottish governments on how devolved powers would be handled after Brexit, the Scottish Government has been forced to introduce the Continuity Bill as a back up should no agreement be forthcoming. One significant difference with the Scottish Bill is the provision to keep to the EU Charter on Human Rights which the UK government is seeking to scrap.

It is a bold move by the Scottish government but it has been given full backing by the Lord Advocate as to issues around the legality of it, but it has not been approved as of yet by the Presiding Officer of the Parliament. It should be noted however that a similar bill has been put forward this Morning by the Welsh Assembly as was given the backing of their presiding officer.

The announcement is expected in the chamber at 4:15pm and can be viewed live on Scottish Parliament TV.

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