I’ve just reported Ross Thomson MP to the Committee on Standards and the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards for what I think is a breach of the Parliamentary Code of Conduct with regards to entries in the Register of Members Financial Interests.

Up until 16th July Ross had listed a £20,000 donation from PD Development Company (the owner of Soul and other bars in Aberdeen – this in itself was a typo as the company is actually called PB Development Company as comfirmed here by the Electoral Commission) as well as a £5,000 donation from Balmoral Comtec Ltd but by the next entry on August 13th these were gone.

I’m not 100% sure that this is illegal but having spoken to a couple of ex MPs I think it might be so will await the answer from the Commissioner with interest.

Update Feb 22: 

I’ve had a reply from the Standards Commissioner which said…

Entries are rolled forward from one Register to the next, for a period of twelve months by the Registration team, who are responsible for compiling the Registers. Twelve months after registration, items are routinely removed, unless they are ongoing interests. For example registrable property which an MP has owned for 12 months and continues to own, or has ceased to own within the preceding 12 months would continue to appear in the Register longer.

“We do not comment on the register entries of individual MPs.”

So no positive result this time but it was worth a try and I will keep looking out for any wrong doings.

Personally I feel any donations made to MPs by companies should stay recorded for the whole duration of their term of holding their seat.

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