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Any restrictions on State Aid for the Steel Industry are found in WTO rules. The EU does not stop individual states supporting industry,indeed Macron has recently done so. The Brexit Party don’t care about workers jobs or the truth.

My first ever blog post.... About my frustrations with the Labour Party and why I have come to support Plaid Cymru and a self-governing 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿. Have a read if you’re interested, if you’re not fair enough. Let me know what you think!

The NHS verdict on whether snoring could be a cancer warning sign #NHS #Health #cancer #healthy #hospital #sleepapnoea #sleeptherapy #snoring be afraid @Plasdwr @cardiffcouncil I still haven't had answers. How many trees destryoyed? How many kms of hedgerow? How much replanted? @WreckingRadyr @ParkRadyr

@neiljmcevoy hi Neil been following u on Twitter for a while seeing all the good work u do in Cardiff etc decided to vote #PlaidCymru all in now done with labour will shake yr hand if I see u down the city

Tonight’s turnout in#Cardiff for the#EuroElections was 41.56%. 99,955 votes were verified and the count will take place on Sunday from 6pm

Oof. Dominic Grieve just now: ‘I don’t believe Boris Johnson is a suitable person to be PM. It’s not so much about Brexit, but my experience of him and my view of his ability to hold high office’. For God’s sake, Tories, listen to him #newsnight

School forced to shut because of bullies and bigots. The DFE must stamp on this we are currently bowing to this bullshit and letting the kids down. I will stand and fight

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