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Current UK State pension = 29% of average wages; less than half the OECD average of 62% of average wages. Tory plans to increase retirement age to 75, and current life expectancy rates, would mean many Scots will never receive even this paltry pension. #nevertrustthetories

Reminder: @BorisJohnson keeps saying the @Conservatives care about the NHS because the man telling him to say that knows the @Conservatives don't care about the NHS and voters do (location: Parliament Square SOUND ON)

Speaking with @NicolaSturgeon on the #GE2019 campaign trail about tonight’s #ITVDebate - the SNP leader is issuing a challenge to @BorisJohnson and says they’ve previously spoken in private about a debate on independence

With @smallbizsatuk looming ever closer (7th December) we would like to share some exciting news. Year on year the Small Business UK Team travel the length and breadth of the country in their promotional vehicle…

1/2 Today I asked @WelshGovernment for an update on the progress on a contemporary art gallery for Wales. Almost 1 year on from Banksy’s visit to Port Talbot to create #SeasonsGreetings it is important that the piece is accessible to the public & not only seen through a window.

Many thanks to @jamiegreeneUK for raising the CPG on Cancer's report in @ScotParl this afternoon and to @AnasSarwar and @NeilFindlay_MSP for highlighting the need for long-term action on Scotland's diagnostic workforce.

Joined @UNISONNPT in the handing over of their #fairfunding for local authorities petition this lunchtime.

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