At 8:30am this morning the Daily Record reported that a Scotrail train had derailed between Inverness and Aberdeen.

Unfortunately for the Daily Record the derailment actually happened between Aviemore and Inverness (not Aberdeen). Also unfortunately for the said publication it was a freight train that derailed not a Scotrail one.

I feel sorry for Trainee Digital Journalist, Kathleen Spiers, that her supervisor didn’t check her work before publishing.

Train nerds like me will have already figured out that the train that had derailed will be this one:

Here we are almost 6 hours later and the story is still up as is.

Also it seems they don’t realise that Aviemore – Inverness (or indeed Aberdeen – Inverness) isn’t in the central belt.

Final point is I’d love to know where “Inverness will not be served” is.

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