Some poor deluded soul in charge of the Twitter account over at the Tories Scottish branch office yesterday afternoon thought that publishing the above Tweet would be a good idea.

The Tweet states:

“The SNP is about to ban prison sentences of less than a year, which would let almost 10,000 serious criminals back out onto the streets, potentially endangering the public.
It’s time we stood up against their soft touch approach to justice:”

It then included a link to the following web page:

Firstly let us examine what is wrong with the Tweet itself before we move on to the linked website.

The branch office staffer obviously thinks that when the policy is implemented those already sentenced will suddenly have their sentences commuted allowing them to flow out of prison gates around the country with impunity – absolute tosh!!! Those already convicted and sentenced will continue to serve their original sentences.

Now let us consider that 10,000 number… According to the Scottish Prison Service’s own statistics the total prison population as at May 10th 2019 was actually 8,212 and of those only 6,532 had actually been convicted and sentenced. With the best will in the world I can’t see how 6,532 equates to “almost 10,000”. Bear in mind the 6,532 figure includes all prisoners no matter how long or short their sentences.

Now notice the use of “serious criminals” in the Tweet… Unbelievably the hyperbole gets even worse when we visit the linked web page which states:

“The SNP have confirmed that they will abolish jail terms of less than 12 months.
It means that just under 10,000 criminals – including sexual offenders and those convicted of attempted murder – would have avoided prison last year under Nicola Sturgeon’s plans.
It’s time to end the SNP’s soft-touch approach to justice.”

So now apparently we have ” just under 10,000 criminals – including sexual offenders and those convicted of attempted murder” escaping jail sentences.

Err… I’m sure most sexual offences and certainly attempted murder would carry a custodial sentence of over 1 year. Well I decided to check the data:

In 2017-18 a total of 98 people convicted of sexual crimes and 101 people convicted of attempted murder and serious assault were given a custodial sentence of 1 Year or less. Let’s compare that to the 1,476 given similar sentences for shoplifting or the 1,657 for breach of the peace or even the 250 for other miscellaneous, including urinating.
Source –

Let’s not forget the sheer hypocrisy coming from the Ruth Davidson the only policy we have is no more referendums party…

In January of this year the prisons minister, Rory Stewart, called for an end to custodial sentences of under 6 months in England and Wales stating:

“You bring somebody in for three or four weeks, they lose their house, their job, their family, their reputation.
They come (into prison), they meet a lot of interesting characters (to put it politely) and then you whap them on to the streets again.
The public are safer if we have a good community sentence… and it will relieve a lot of pressure on prisons.”

So that’s enough of a rant from me about Tory lies for now but thankfully Twitter has a lovely new feature that allows you to report a Tweet for being “misleading about voting”.

Whether this applies in this case remains to be seen but I recommend you all to report it anyway to show that we won’t stand for lies and more project fear anymore and I’ve even handily embedded the original Tweet below to make it even easier for you:

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