This picture was posted on Twitter by Angus Forbes the Tory Councillor for Carse of Gowrie Ward on Perth and Kinross Council and the Convener of environment and infrastructure accompanied by the following text:

“Perth and Kinross Conservatives campaigning against the @theSNP hated #carparktax in Perth city centre. Great response with people lining up to sign the petition”

He is referring to a proposal in this year’s Scottish budget that would give local councils the power to impose a workplace parking levy which would see employers pay an annual tax to the council for every parking space they provide for employees. It would then be down to the employer as to if they would pass the cost of this onto employees.

Perth and Kinross Council is led by the Tories so it would be up to them to decide to implement the workplace parking levy in Perth & Kinross or not.

So not only is this laughable for the lack of “people lining up to sign the partition” they are actually campaigning against something they themselves have the power to prevent!!

Pete Wishart, the SNP MP for Perth and North Perthshire, took to Twitter to mock the Tories.

Even the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, felt the need to take to Twitter to call them out on this.

UPDATE: It gets even better in Aberdeenshire lol!!

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